Gold Star Portable Stage Decks
The Gold Star Portable Stage Deck offers the easiest and most affordable portable stage deck available. The frame is constructed of a top grade aluminum extrusion. The deck panel is constructed from a 1-inch plywood (3/4 for carpet) substrate and comes with a variety of surface finishes and backers. Utilizing a Dual Lock® system that can be activated from the top or bottom of the deck connects the decks. There are 2 locks on the long side of the deck and 1 lock on the short side.  A ¾-inch strip of YKK hook is installed on every side for attaching stage skirting.
The decks can be arranged into stages of any size, seating or choral risers, runways, event displays, or any other arrangement that requires an elevated stage.
200 lb/sqft allowable live load for 1” deck panels
150 lb/sqft allowable live load for ¾” deck panels
Weather resistant panel option
Field repairable
Connects to all our supports
The following are detailed pictures of the Gold Star Portable Stage Deck and it's components.
Surface Options
  • Quad ripple- A 1" plywood panel substrate with a 0.050" quad ripple non-skid polypropylene surface and a 0.020" polyethylene backer.
  • Smooth- A 1" plywood panel substrate with a 0.050" smooth (haircell) polypropylene surface and a 0.020" polyethylene backer.
  • Carpet- A ¾" plywood panel substrate is used to account for the carpet thickness. Carpet has a unitary backer and is glued to plywood substrate.
  • Natural- A 1" plywood panel substrate sanded on both sides ready for staining, painting, or natural.
Available Sizes
3 x 34 x 34 x 8 (our standard deck size)
3 x 64 x 4
3 x 8       4 x 6
  • The 4 x 8 quad ripple is the best value and is a highly stocked deck. We offer decks in many other sizes and shapes to fit the customers needs.
Availability:  Most orders can be shipped in 2 weeks or less. Same day shipping is possible for some orders.
Weather Resistant Portable Stage Decks
Weather Resistant - Not Waterproof
We offer the perfect solution for those outdoor events where the stage may get wet for a short period of time.
A standard quad ripple polypropylene deck surface with an polyethylene backer panel is used to create the weather resistant deck. A special primer sealer is applied to the four exposed edges of the panel. Then a liquid rubber coat is applied that bonds to the primer sealer. The deck is assembled after the panel has dried.
The term “Weather Resistant” is used instead of “Waterproof” because any component that has a wood content has the potential to absorb moisture.
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Angle View
End View
Side View
Bottom View, Single Center Brace
Standard Deck
Bottom View, Double Center Brace
Heavy Duty Deck
Outside Corner View
Note YKK Hook for Skirting Attachment
Inside Corner View With Leg
Being Inserted
Male Dual Lock® with T-Handle to Activate Lock Installed. Lock can be activated from the top or bottom of the deck.
Polypropylene Non-Skid Quad Ripple Deck Surface
Polyethylene Backer On
The Back Side Of The Deck Surface
Side View Of A
Sealed Edge
Polypropylene Quad Ripple 1" Deck Surface
Smooth Polypropylene Haircell 1" Deck Surface
Ground Pepper Carpet 3/4 “ Deck Surface
Unfinished Plywood 1" Deck Surface
Weather Resistant 1" Deck Surface Polypropylene Quad Ripple w/Edges Sealed