Stair Units

We offer a choice of fixed height or box stair units to fit any application. The stair treads measure 36" wide by 12" deep and we offer a variety of surfaces to complement any stage. Our stairs can be located anywhere along the stage surface so you can attach them to the side or the front of your stage.  Below is a list of tread surfaces we offer on our steps. 

The aluminum framed stair treads are sprayed with a durable rubber non-skid material that has a professional appearance and offers added safety in all environments, indoor or out. 

All stair units can be used with one handrail, two handrails or no handrails and are easily attached or removed. The fixed height and box stair unit handrails are manufactured from steel while the handrails for the adjustable stairs are aluminum. 

Fixed Height Stair Units 

These stair units are designed to be compact and take less storage space or room on a truck or cart. The stair connects to the stage edge and has two each 2-inch adjustable non-marring screw feet for fine leveling that rest on the floor. A standard 8" rise is on all stair treads but custom heights are available. These stair units are designed for one height only. If stage heights vary from location to location a different style stair unit would be more appropriate. 

Fixed Height Stair Units Standard Sizes: 

1 Step Stair used for 16" stage height 
2 Step Stair used for 24" stage height 
3 Step Stair used for 32" stage height 
4 Step Stair used for 36" stage height 
4 Step Stair used for 40" stage height 
5 Step Stair used for 48" stage height 
For any other custom heights, contact us for a price quote. 

Box Stair Units 

Box Stair Units are designed to be used for multiple ranges in stage heights. For example, a 2-Step Box Stair Unit can be used for stage heights ranging from 16” to 24” in height. Four 2” non-marring screw feet come standard for fine tune leveling. Two 3” polypropylene wheels also come standard on 2-Step and larger box stair units for easy mobility.

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Polypropylene Quad Ripple 1" Deck Surface 
Smooth Polypropylene Haircell 1" Deck Surface 
Ground Pepper Carpet 3/4 “ Deck Surface 
Unfinished Plywood 1" Deck Surface 
Weather Resistant 1" Deck Surface Polypropylene Quad Ripple w/Edges Sealed 
3 Step Fixed Height Stair Unit With No Handrails.  Stairs have a standard 36" wide x 12" deep stair tread.
3 Step Stair Unit With Two 
Handrails. Fixed height 
handrails are manufactured 
of steel. 
View of a fixed height stair attachment clamp used to connect the stair to the stage. The clamp connects around the stage frame. When used without handrails, a threaded receiver plug is used in the top pocket. When used with handrails, it connects directly into the top post of the handrail. 
2-Step stair unit without handrails 
2-Step stair unit with handrails. 
Adjustable stair attachment to deck. A thumbscrew on the back side of the attachment locks to the deck. .